NASA Planning Trip to Europa

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Astronomers believe the rough, icy surface of Jupiter's moon, Europa, is the most likely place in the solar system to harbour alien life.

Now Nasa has set aside £14.6 million ($25 million) to design probes that could reveal whether Europa is, in fact, habitable.

The agency yesterday asked scientists to come forward with potential experiments for a Europa probe that could be launched in the 2020s and arrive at the icy satellite within three years of take-off.

The Ekso Bionic Suit, Helping the Paraplegic Walk Again

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Patrick McStravick, from Bangor, County Down, has brought the suit to Northern Ireland, after a visit to the Republic of Ireland, in order to show how the exoskeleton can benefit those who cannot walk.

On Wednesday, he will meet Northern Ireland Health Minister Edwin Poots before giving a demonstration of the suit, developed by Californian company Ekso Bionics, at the University of Ulster.

The Building That Grows as You Recycle

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The architecture giants at Agence Chartier Corbasson have imagined a design feat worthy of a green future.

Their new, London-based conceptual project, "Organic Skyscraper," proposes a high-rise building built from the recycled materials of its residents. The building would essentially "grow" vertically as inhabitants discarded waste like plastic bottles and paper, their garbage turning into insulated panels for floors to come.

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