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Via Huffington Post:

Simon Beck has spent the past decade tracing beautiful patterns into snow-covered mountains and lakes using nothing but snowshoes and some basic math knowledge.

The British cartographer/artist started incorporating fractal patterns into his work after reading "Chaos: Making a New Science," a 1987 book written by former New York Times reporter James Gleick, Discovery News reported.

"When I did my first drawing, I had no idea how good it was going to look," Beck told CNN. "It's just so unusual and unique. No one else is doing anything like it."

We all know him as a stalwart general, deft statesman, and father of our nation, but George also had a vibrant home life. Among other things, he enjoyed:

1) Fighting ghosts!
2) Re-enacting scenes from Frozen!
3) Playing '80s hits on the flute!
4) Animal crackers!


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