We all know him as a stalwart general, deft statesman, and father of our nation, but George also had a vibrant home life. Among other things, he enjoyed:

1) Fighting ghosts!
2) Re-enacting scenes from Frozen!
3) Playing '80s hits on the flute!
4) Animal crackers!


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Via: New Scientist
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Daredevils are not the only ones using bridges for fun: musicians are getting in on the act too. Di Mainstone and her team at Queen Mary University of London are attaching people clad in a special body suit to architectural structures with strings that tap into a building's vibrations and can be played like an electronic harp.

Mainstone was inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge while living in New York. "I wondered whether there was a way to capture the vibrations that go through cables triggered by walking, traffic and wind," she says. Since the vibrations aren't audible, they need to be transformed into a form we can hear.

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