parenting technology A Woman Found out She Was Pregnant From Her FitBit Data
Via: @babyfitbit
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A lot of people wear a Fitbit or similar wearable technology to keep track of their health. The models that track heart rate are also good for pinpointing a moment of heartbreak or in this case, discovering a pregnancy.  

David Trinidad was just looking for a solution to his wife's potentially malfunctioning sensors when he posted about it on Reddit

Another user suggested that she could be under a lot of stress or she could be pregnant. Since Trinidad and his wife were trying to start a family they got it checked out and later he confirmed that was the case. 

Via: huggiesbrasil
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You might need to 3D print yourself a Kleenex after watching this.

Thirty-year-old Tatiana Guerra lost her sight when she was 17, and now she is 20 weeks pregnant.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Huggies Brazil has released a new video called “Meeting Murilo” in which Guerra receives a very special surprise.

In the clip, Guerra is having an ultrasound done, and the doctor asks her how she imagines his face.

“Oh I imagine him, well… his nose like a little potato. A small mouth, a chubby little hand,” she replies. “I can’t wait to smell him.”

While she can’t see the image herself, the doctors secretly 3D-print the image and present it to her so she can feel and “meet” her child for the very first time.

At the top of the sculpture “I am your son” is also printed in braille.

“I’m very happy to meet Murilo before he’s born,” she says in tears of joy. “Thanks, Doctor.”

It’s basically the opposite of how Princess Leia felt when she saw Han Solo trapped in carbonite for the first time.

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