Justin Bieber's dad should have stayed out of his son's naked picture scandal.
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Well. That's awkward.

Of course, we all know that naked pictures of Justin Bieber broke the damn Internet this week. It was bound to get around to his dad as well.

Jeremy Bieber should have just let the whole thing die down without weighing in.

But that's not how this guy rolls.

So he tweeted this out Oct. 9.


Ew, ew, ew.

He should have thought about his son's feelings more than his son's peen.

Justin ain't too happy about it and his legal team is already on the case to find justice.

Daddy Biebs should have probably reacted more like Chrissy Teigen's expert analysis.

Best Dad Ever Got a Pharmacy to Make "Monster Spray" For His Daughter
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A dad in Sooke, British Columbia, bought his daughter Mya some "monster spray" to ward off any creepy creatures that might be lurking in her bedroom at night.

The photo of the monster spray was posted on Reddit, with an official pharmacy label reading: "Spray around the bedroom at night before bedtime and repeat if needed."

Dee Vivian, the pharmacy technician who printed the labels, told BuzzFeed Canada that the father brought in the bottle and asked her to print off a couple labels. She didn't even charge for it.

The dad had apparently gotten the idea from other photos posted online.

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Better luck next time, monsters. You won't be messing with Mya ever again!

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