A Purple-Rain-Era Letter from Prince to a Fan

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Dearest Annalisa,

It is so nice of 2 write me. I don't always have time 2 reply but your letters surely brighten my day.

You're so sweet. I'm glad you're my friend. If u dig the video, wait until u see the movie. I'm very proud of it. I hope u are 2.

Congratulations on making thru jr. high. I'm sure u did better than I. I wasn't much on school. I was 2 busy listening 2 the grass grow.

Thank u again 4 writing me.

Until I hear from u,


Must Have Cool: Troy Gua's 'Le Petit Prince'

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Frighteningly accurate 1/6 scale reproduction of legendary pop icon Prince.

Good Guy Radiohead

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I love you Prince, but how much more money do I have to spend on your albums before I'm allowed to listen to your music? Same goes for The Beatles.