Bride Claims Her Wedding Was Ruined by Amateur Photographer

After all the tears were shed, this couple decided to share what may be the worst wedding photographs of all time.

The gifted wedding photographer was part of wedding package from a "pretty reputable bridal shop". These amazing photographs have been shared all over the internet and even inspired their own memes.

How bad can they be, you ask? See for yourself.

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A rowboat capsized after a man proposed to his girlfriend.
Via: The Gothamist
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This might not be the best way to begin an engagement...

A dragon row boat capsized Sept. 20 after a man proposed to his girlfriend, tossing 19 people into New York City's East River. They all had to be rescued by emergency services. Thankfully, everyone's fine.

As The Gothamist writes:

Officials say the boat was capsized by a succession of wakes from larger vessels passing nearby, not from the emotional turbulence that inevitably batters every couple who commits to spending their entire lives together in this f*cked up world, so there's no need to see this as a metaphor for their impending nuptials or the institution of marriage in general. But even if it is A Sign, everybody on board survived, so the takeaway is obviously that when you prepare for life's vicissitudes and wear a life preserver everything will be just fine!

Even without the surprise swimming, that can't have been too romantic of a proposal. I mean, those boats are crammed full of people trying to row their little hearts out. So, it's not like you could find privacy or even a moment's peace to look each other in the eyes, contemplating your future.

Those people look pretty cold after their rescue.

But she said yes! So, the day wasn't ruined for at least two of those people.