This "Transformers"-Style Paint Job (On a $100,000 Maserati) Just got its Owner Arrested

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A man in Braintree, Massachusetts was summoned to court over this point job, which in the eyes of the law counts as impersonating an officer. In other words, big fines!

Latin American Paper Publimetro Just Committed the Worst Ad Placement Crime in Recent Memory

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No, that is not a cynically-crafted Photoshop job. You can see the whole thing right here.

Publimetro is the Latin American branch of the Swedish Metro media company (no relation to UK's Metro). What you're looking at here is indeed their coverage of the escalating conflict on the Gaza strip plastered with a full-page ad for the newest Transformers movie. Perhaps Publimetro has the scoop on Israel's "Iron Dome" defense system (ACTUALLY AN AUTOBOT, PERHAPS IRONHIDE) or maybe it's some kind of ironic commentary on the commoditization of war... or maybe it's just a sad statement about the struggles of print media in a digital age.

Point is, let's never mix real life-threatening missiles and Michael Bay missiles ever again, shall we?

For the record, the cover story of this issue is about the World Cup. Of course:

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