Debate of the Day: Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz Argue About Legalizing Marijuana

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Nancy Grace is not a fan of legalizing weed, and she had rapper 2 Chainz on her show Tuesday night in an epic debate about it called "#Pot2Blame".

The host tried and failed to convince him that changing the law would turn all children into pot smoking fiends, using a few videos of parents forcing their kids to smoke as an example.

"Some people actually love their child," he said. "Some people know that this is obviously wrong, so this is nothing to really argue about. These people are imbeciles. You can't use this case to define a whole community."

2 Chainz, whose real name is Tauheed Epps, came off as the calm, collected one and Nancy Grace probably should have taken a few hits herself before the interview to calm down. He argued that everyone can pretty much get weed if they want already, and that legalizing it would help with certain issues like the overcrowding of prisons and wasted tax dollars.

"We're in a deficit. We've got to find ways of getting out," he said. "If we got half of the states legalizing pot, if the rest of the community legalizes pot that frees up taxpayers money, that'll allow us to do something with this extra with these funds from fixing potholes in the street to building stadiums. I'm down with it."

Another great moment was when she read some of his lyrics to question his position as a role model for kids.

"'Smoking California weed with California whores' — excuse me, 'true.' I left that out," said Grace.

"Truuuue!" replied 2 Chainz.

He politely thanked her on his Twitter account afterwards and teased another debate that we hope will happen very soon.

This Rap Proves Once and for All that White People Are TRULY Crazy

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Rapper Rawcus calls it like he sees it in his new video, White People Crazy.

WARNING: Plenty of language in this video, obviously.

Supercut of the Day: Politicians Making Awkward Rap References

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The Huffington Post brings this painfully awkward supercut of politicians talking about "rap music" and a few even reciting the lyrics. Some of the highlights include Utah Senator Orrin Hatch reading the lyrics from "Hits From the Bong" by Cypress Hill, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman breaking down the semantics of "slapping a h*" and Florida Representative Dean Cannon quoting the song "99 Problems" by Jay-Z.