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Rep. Don Young of Alaska certainly has problems, but wolves aren’t one of them.

At a House Natural Resources Committee hearing this week, Young was complaining about how members of Congress were rallying together to help protect the gray wolf, when they don’t have to deal with them on a regular basis like he does.

“How many of you have got wolves in your district?” he asked. “None. None. Not one.”

And then, likely due to a full moon, he offered up this completely insane proposal.

“I’d like to introduce them to your district,” he said. “You wouldn’t have a homeless problem anymore.”

A spokesperson for Young later clarified to the Washington Post that the “analogy was purposely hyperbolic to stress the point that these predators pose serious threats to wildlife management and their listing has damaging impacts to local communities.”

Alaska has “the largest remaining population of gray wolves in the United States,” according to Defenders of Wildlife.

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Via: Mike Webb
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Virginia congressional candidate Mike Webb's Facebook page has been swarmed with trolls ever since he shared a screen grab with open tabs to pages “LAYLA RIVERA TIGHT BOOTY” and “IVONE SEXY AMATEUR.”  

Once the story went viral, people are coming from all over the internet to join one of the most active comment sections on Facebook. 

Good luck with your campaign, Mike Webb. In the meantime, we'll just continue to peep your comment section.