This Kid Called the Cops When the PlayStation Network Went Down on Christmas Day

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Check out the video above to hear a Florida resident's exchange with 911 during a PS Network outage on Christmas Day.  The operator snarkily suggests the kid should go outside or read a book, but listen 911 operator, you don't understand; THE GRAPHICS OUTSIDE SUCK.


Lighting Up in a Police Station Was Just the First Crazy Thing This Criminal Did

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It only gets worse from there. From Philly:

A security guard told him to wait on a nearby bench, and Higgs apparently thought it was the perfect chance for a smoke break.

But he wasn't packing tobacco.

When the officer Higgs so desperately wanted to see came out, he smelled the marijuana immediately and took Higgs into custody.

And then the show began.

Higgs disrobed, while still babbling, and relieved his bowels on the floor of his holding cell, Chitwood said. Then, as if struck by artistic inspiration, Higgs grabbed his own feces and "wiped it all over the walls," he said.