The Game is Simple: Don't Suck, and Get the Bug in Your Opponent's Mouth. WHAT?

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God bless you Japan. For everything.

This is from the show AKBingo!, a popular program featuring members of the popular idol group AKB48. Yes, that 48 is in reference to the number of members in the band and yes that means there's an army of pop singers with their own variety show overseas.

But really the important thing is that right now two of those divas are trying to blow an insect (cockraoch? Cicada?) into the other person's mouth, where they will be forced to eat the dang thing.

In other news, just another day on Japanese variety show television.

Skip the Games, This "Price is Right" Assistant Accidentally Gave Away the Car for Free

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This is why you should just stick with Plinko. It's a crowd pleaser, and you remove the human element. But hey, nice work on the free car!

Fail of the Day: Only One Contestant Makes Final Jeopardy

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Thursday night’s Jeopardy was just plain sad.

Two of the contestants, Brad & Stephanie, ended the game with negative scores, leaving only 34-year-old Kristin Sausville to play Final Jeopardy.

“This was not one of our greatest days,” said Alex Trebek at the end of Double Jeopardy.

Brad and Stephanie had -$200 and -$6,800 each before they were whisked off stage in shame.

The only thing worse would have been if Kristin wagered it all and ended up in red as well.

Kristin’s husband has also been on the show in the past, and coincidentally, this same thing happened to one of his competitors, according to People Magazine.

The best thing to come out of this? Poor Stephanie’s face.