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Sometimes, a video comes along that perfectly encapsulates the culture. At one point, it was “Charlie Bit My Finger.” Then came “The Sneezing Baby Panda” and, of course, “Drummer at the Wrong Gig.” 

Now, in 2017, is the time of the “White Bear Mitsubishi’s Gopher Hockey Outtakes — White Bear on Ice.”

This video delivers. You want to see a bear mascot slipping on ice over and over? Well, you got it. The description asks “How many takes to have a White Bear not slip on the ice during a commercial shoot?” But the real question is how many times can we ask. The answer: As many as it takes.

Enjoy this video, bookmark this video, and watch it whenever you’re feeling a little blue.

This is your failsafe.

H/T Gothamist

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Bloop lovers, rejoice! News Be Funny has released their compilations of the best news bloopers of the year. The year 2016 didn't dissapoint. 

Yup, over the last 365 days, we sure have spent a lot of time being afraid of the news. I, for one, have to take several deep breaths before loading up Twitter in the morning. But that doesn’t mean we can’t sit back and enjoy the times newscasters accidentally said the word “fart on air,” had their microphones thrown in a lake, or got drunk and told the kids at home that they couldn’t be whatever they wanted when they grow up. The magic of live television.

This is truly what this year has been leading to, and it is glorious. 

Not enough bloops? Here’s part one:

H/T Uproxx