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Nick Clayton was just trying to relax after a work out. But the employees at LA Fitness had things to do.

As he puts it in the description of his video, he never expected to get locked into the closed, quiet gym:

How ridiculous! Was in the sauna with headphones on. Came out and found myself in a locked and dark LA Fitness (Clearwater, FL). No one checks the facility prior to closing up?? I'm baffled! Aside from that...what gym closes at 5PM on a Saturday?!?!

But never fear for this poor guy's life, he was able to make out it alive. Probably fitter and stronger than ever.

He doesn't say what he did with all that time to himself. Did he try every machine on its hardest setting? Did he try to roll an exercise ball on a treadmill? Did he let loose all the racquet balls onto a court at once?

There are many questions that still need to be answered.

What would you do if you were locked in a gym?

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Via: Daily Mail
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From the Daily Mail:

It was supposed to provide the perfect festive romantic moment: a mistletoe drone that would get diners at TGI Friday's to kiss on camera.

But the restaurant's plan to lure in festive diners went horribly wrong after one of the machines smashed into a photographer's face at a launch event in New York.

Georgine Benvenuto was left in shock after the machine flew into her face, slicing off the tip of her nose and cutting open a section of her lip.

The ten-inch drone became so entangled in Miss Benvenuto's hair that she even feared she would lose an eye.
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