Steven Spielberg Criticized for the "Triceratops He Just Slaughtered"

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It's not uncommon for a poacher or hunter to receive harsh criticism and public shaming, but does it count when the animal in question goes WAY beyond the endangered species list?

Click here for a larger view of the top image and here for a larger view of the bottom image.

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Internet Rant of the Day: Fugitive Lets Loose on his Facebook Most Wanted Photo

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Nicholas Emond is a man on the run and has a lot to say about it. There is currently an outstanding warrant for his arrest related to violations to the conditions of a monitored release that followed felony charges of illegal firearms possession. Because police consider him to be ARMED and DANGEROUS, a local ABC affiliate posted his photo on their Facebook most wanted list.

With Nearly 300 comments, a number of them happened to be posted by Emond himself! Some highlights are him stating the government is "up to no good" and calling himself the devil. Deadspin compiled a condensed list of his comments:

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