Miguel Herrera, the Coach of the Mexican National Team, Snaps a Photo With a Fan He's Never Heard of. The Rest of Us Call That Guy Tom Brady.

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Herrera's tweet translated:

"He asked me for a picture but I don't know who he is or if he has won anything. Even so, I think I made this kid's day."

When Lebron James Sits Out a Game Due to a Leg Cramp, Gatorade Knows Just How to Rub it in

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James and Gatorade were unable to negotiate a sponsorship early in the Miami Heat player's career, leading him to sign with their competitor Powerade. That makes the trolling all the sweeter! Meanwhile, the rest of the internet went in on James and his cramp:

Via @BlkSprtsOnline

Via @skinz4life1975

And of course this was going to happen:

Via @NBAMemeTeam

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