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It's pretty safe to say this new addition is kind of a troll by NASA on believers in astrology. That doesn't mean this is a FAKE prank. NASA doesn't believe in astrology, they just pointed out a correction

via @NASA

For some people, it's a very confusing development! (Although some are still very secure in knowing their star sign)

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And here's a list of the new signs, if you want to have your world rocked. 

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image facebook prank This Prank Giveaway on Facebook Is a Reminder to Lock Your Computer When Your Family is Around
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This post got SO MANY likes, shares and even some friend requests for Kevin Keenan. The only problem is, he didn't write that post. It looks like a family member got him with the tried and true "write something embarrassing while he walked away with Facebook open on the computer" prank.

Only this time, it really worked well. Kevin had to give an update to let all the people hoping for some free tickets down gently.

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