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Can't decide whether to jump on the hate bandwagon or to tell everyone that you had faith first? Why not do both?

Disney Japan Twitter doesn't get national tragedies.
Via Kotaku
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Either Disney Japan's Twitter has a pretty cruel sense of humor or some ignorant employees.

On Aug. 9, the official Japanese Twitter account for Disney tweeted out the following message to its 277,000 followers:

According to Kotaku the Japanese at the top reads "Congrats on a trifling day" before the Alice in Wonderland message.

Well, you see, Aug. 9 was also the 70th anniversary of the World War II atomic bombing of Nagasaki. In that event, according to Wikipedia, "roughly 39,000–80,000 people were killed. About half of these died immediately, while the other half suffered lingering deaths."

Not exactly a "trifling day" for the country who marked the occasion with solemn ceremonies, commemorating all of those 'unbirthdays'.

Kotaku, through translating Japanese news site My Game News Flash, points out that this isn't the only time the Twitter account has made a less-than-sensitive post.

The account posted this, reading "Enjoying your summer vacation?" last year on Aug. 15.

Aug. 15 marks the date of the Japanese surrender in World War II.

Additionally, the account posted this, reading "Giving you mid-summer sympathy" on Aug. 6.

Aug. 6 is the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, in which some 70,000-80,000 people died.

As Kotaku says:

My Game News points out that Disney Japan's Twitter account typically does not post messages like this (instead, the tweets are typically PR, introducing movies, TV shows, events or products), making these questionable tweets stand out even more. Why were these dates selected, people wondered.

Disney Japan has since apologized for the tweet and deleted it off of its account.

That's why you always get a screen shot.


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