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From Geeks are Sexy:

Echizen’s solution was a pair of spectacles which had the option to switch on several LEDs. The resulting light beam is in the near-infrared frequency and is thus invisible to the human eye, but can be detected by camera lenses. The resulting visual noise undermines facial recognition software.

AVG have built the LED technology into their concept prototype and noted that, as shown above, it can certainly be enough to defeat Facebook’s own face recognition. However, it poinst out that even many cellphone cameras used today are sophisticated enough to filter out light at wavelengths invisible to human, thus producing pictures that better replicate what the eye sees.

art gross design Mark Zuckerberg failbook - 8427466496
Via The Hole
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Brooklyn-based street artist/hacker KATSU has created a portrait of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg using his own feces.

It is described as a rendering of a tech giant who is “in control of more information than the government created from the compromising bio-matter of the artist.”

KATSU, who is known around the city for his signature skull tag and work with a fire extinguisher, has mocked Zuckerberg before in a series of wheat pastes depicting him with a black eye.

This latest piece is part of his first solo show called “Remember the Future,” featuring a variety of works that intersect art and technology.

The others are not quite as bizarre as the poop painting but strange in their own ways as you can see in the link below.

The exhibit runs through Feb 22 at The Hole.