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Via: The Hole
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Brooklyn-based street artist/hacker KATSU has created a portrait of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg using his own feces.

It is described as a rendering of a tech giant who is “in control of more information than the government created from the compromising bio-matter of the artist.”

KATSU, who is known around the city for his signature skull tag and work with a fire extinguisher, has mocked Zuckerberg before in a series of wheat pastes depicting him with a black eye.

This latest piece is part of his first solo show called “Remember the Future,” featuring a variety of works that intersect art and technology.

The others are not quite as bizarre as the poop painting but strange in their own ways as you can see in the link below.

The exhibit runs through Feb 22 at The Hole.

Dasha Batelle, alias DBatSnap, got bored in the office one day and started using Snapchat as a way to cure the worktime blues. Along the way she became way, way, WAY too good at the photo sharing app. Check them out here!

Hat tip to College Candy.

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