Tweet of the Day: Aaron Paul's Response to Toys "R" Us Pulling Breaking Bad Figures is Perfect

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His epic rant continues...

There is also a petition to keep Breaking Bad figures on the shelves and you can sign it here.

App of the Day: ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Aaron Paul Launches ‘Yo b*tch!’

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If you aren't very good with words but want to tell that special someone how much you care about them, Aaron Paul is here to help.

The "Breaking Bad" star just released a new iPhone app called "YB" or "Yo btch!" It's similar to "Yo," but using Aaron Paul's actual voice and adding the word btch to everything. It's that simple.

According to the description in iTunes:

Want to say hello to someone? Say "Hello, b****!"

Want to make your special someone feel loved? Say "I need you, b****!"

Fed up with your friend? Say "Why, b****?"

The app is free, but you can unlock other phrases with in-app purchases. Crystal meth not included.

As Aaron Paul would say: Enjoy b*tch!