Wait... Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!

england,Ireland,scotland,uk flag,union jack,united kingdom,Wales
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It makes so much sense now!

Wales, you don't count.

Oh Say Can You Save the Queen?

america,American Flag,britain,british flag,england,flag,great britain,united kingdom
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I see stripes, but I see no stars. What gives?

... Uh huh... Uh huh...

... Oh, the stripes make one big asterisk? Kill yourself.

Cleanup on Isle 4!

aisles,atlet,britain,british isles,cleanup on aisle 4,england,Ireland,isle 4,isles,scotland,trucks,UK,united kingdom,Wales
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"Right, which one is that?"

"Erm... Wight, I think? No, no, no. Maybe the Inner Hebrides."

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