Sex Burger

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My friend took this picture in Peru. She said these stands are all over the place there.

Stubbord Sideburn T-Shirt

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Stubborn Sideburn Side Walking an sex freeze penguin idea nothing to die change pirate tottoo the taxi hijacker world

Is it rich in the sex?

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Since it is rich in the sex, even if you are easy to carry out formation of cloth and it boils, KOSHI is strong and a formation does not collapse easily.

But does it get off..?

By Unknown
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Gyag T-Shart It gets on the mama

Snorkling Like Sex. Sign me right up!

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Snorkling Like Sex

The first time you try you are nervous -- but it's still the best thing you've ever tried . . .

The more you do it the better it gets.

As you do it with more people you learn new techniques.

With experience you can do it longer and more fun.

If you enjoy sex you'll love snorkelling

Source: Sign on beach at Perential Islands, Malaysia

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