Feel like cat?

Cats,feeling like,furries,pets,Unknown,wait what
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From a menu in a restaurant in Riga, Latvia

This is a Pets, Shoes, and Shirts-Free Zone!

no shirt no shoes no prob,pets,shirts,shoes
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Let's go over the possibilities here:

1) You can't bring pets or shoes, but a shirt is required.

2) You can't bring shoes for your pet, but a shirt is required.

3) You can't bring shoes for your pet, but a shirt for your pet is required.

4) You can't bring pets, and you must wear and shirt and shoes.

5) None of them are required.

6) You can bring some Tylenol because your head hurts after reading this stupid sign.

Beach sign fail

dogs,Hall of Fame,pets,poorly worded,signs,yoda
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A sign in a beach of spain trying to "animals on the beach not" LOL


dogs,dont,droppings,g rated,lovers,pets,poop,teach,thank you
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DON'T DROPPINGS! Who owns this PET? You must teachs your dog manners. Then we are dog lovers each other. thank you.

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