British Summer Has Encountered a Critical Error and Must Shutdown

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Launching backup program: overcast skies, blowing winds and miserable drizzle with occasional 15-minute sunbreak to give you false hope.

The True English Talents

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Top image, top left to bottom right:

- Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist who, among many other noteworthy career achievements, first coined the word "meme" (the Internet thanks you!).

- Stephen Hawking, no description needed, he's Stephen Motherf**n' Hawking.

- Peter Higgs, theoretical physicist after whom the Higgs boson was named.

- Brian Cox, particle physicist and ATLAS project contributor at CERN.

Bottom image, left to right:

- Who cares?

Cleanup on Isle 4!

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"Right, which one is that?"

"Erm... Wight, I think? No, no, no. Maybe the Inner Hebrides."

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