Why would you get each other these pajamas?
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We here at Dating want to hear from you!

Have you ever gotten a Valentine's Day gift so weird, so bizarre, so unique that you couldn't possibly describe what you were feeling when you'd finally unwrapped it? 

Well, we want to know what you got!

That's right, send us the strangest V-Day presents you've ever encountered. And be sure to let us know what was going through your mind as you had to feign excitement. Was the romance gone? Was the romance still alive, possibly even stronger than it was before, as you bonded over what could only possibly be described as Cthuhul's sexy garters? 

The results of this weird love fest will be posted on Monday the 16th for the world to see.

And be sure to add the hashtag #weirdestvalentinesgift to your submission so we know where to look. We can't wait to hear from you!

Our sex lives can say a lot about us as a person, but I'm not sure what the hell any of these toys would tell you about someone's personality. Their existence simply begs the question "why".

However, I could see each of these little darlings fitting right in on the Island of Misfit Sex Toys.

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