Mead Is Making a Comeback

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Escaping from the historical re-enactment area of the drinks cabinet, this alcoholic honey brew is crossing into the mainstream. It sweetens a warming toddy-style mix of calvados and cider at Reverend JW Simpson in Fitzrovia, and – the surest sign that it's becoming cool – an artisan producer has started making it in a London flat. Get yourself a bottle of Gosnell's London Mead for a Christmas tipple with a difference.

Power Goblets: For Pilsnerds Everywhere

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We all have that geeky friend in need of a good brew. Whether they fill it with beer or mead is their decision!

Sloshed Songs Sunday (On Wednesday): Wenches And Mead

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Since the holiday weekend threw us off our schedule, we're doing a Sloshed Songs Sunday on a Wednesday! Because we're all about integrity and maintaining a rigorous schedule... eventually.

"But A12 mods," you seem to say, "that doesn't make any sense! Isn't a Sloshed Songs Sunday Wednesday kinda dumb?"

Valid point, fair user. Allow us to respectfully reply:


Moving on, this week we go piratey with "Wenches and Mead" by the world's foremost (and only) Scottish pirate metal band, Alestorm. Yarrrr!

Use the "Sloshed Songs" tag to check out our previous featured songs, and submit songs you think should make the front page!

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