23 Memes to Help You Over the Humpday Hump

We're in this together. Whether we like it or not, all of us are trying to make it by, do enough to make it through one more day without a pink slip, all the while dreaming of a life where 9-5 is just when the poolside cabana bar is open. But back to reality, the work week is a tedious and evil thing. Seemingly never-ending, draining us of any semblance of positivity and energy, its no wonder millenials try to avoid having an actual job like the plague. Why work when you can keyboard? But for those of us who have grown out of living in our parents' basements, here's a list of perfect work memes that are all about the struggles people go through as they go through crests and troughs of the waves of the work week. 

An assortment of memes about school, work, pizza, dogs, snapchat, kids, wieners, dick pics, hair, job hunting.
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