People Reveal The Almost Unbelievable Reasons Their Teachers Got Fired

Students usually remember teachers for one of two reasons: they were either excellent or terrible. Great teachers do more than teach their subject; they believe in their students, give them life skills, and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves. The inadequate teachers do just the opposite and can cause irreparable damage to the confidence and growth of a student who may be struggling. And then you have the teachers who are SO bad that they got fired. Whether it's for sleeping with a student or embezzling school money, there's always one who thinks they'll get away with it. An AskReddit thread has got people sharing the reasons their teachers were fired, and the responses are so shockingly sad, it's a wonder how they even qualified to become teachers in the first place.

people reveal reasons their teachers were fired - cover pic story about teacher acting like cult leader | sandyandy12 14.7k points 12 days ago One elementary school teachers at district went got arrested making his class worship him like he cult leader. He totally bonkers.
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