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Medical Transportation Employee Maliciously Complies For Good

The worst thing to see is a rule that only serves to end up hurting someone else. This poor elderly lady just needed the extra help, but the inspector had to go and have zero chill, and complicate that process. Fortunately, the medical transportation driver was ready to disregard all that BS, and do what was necessary to help the elderly lady in need. 

A medical transportation uses malicious compliance for good | r/MaliciousCompliance u/witwats 2y Join don't work here anymore hey, boss, got an opening M Worked Medical Transportation company had contract with Medicaid. One their many rules could not provide any assistance patient INSIDE their house. One elderly lady had an old house with very small foyer had climb three steps get main floor only other entrance around back and up two and half flights rickety steps an old deck opened into bedroom
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