Leasing Agent Learns About Lease The Hard Way

The best part about this shady leasing agent is they thought they'd go ahead and get away with some unadulterated BS, without the tenant actually reading the finer details of said lease. Well, they certainly got humbled and learned their lesson in the end. Check out some more juicy housing drama with this landlord who encouraged their tenant to research their rights, and ended up losing the battle as a result.

Leasing agent ends up learning about her lease the hard way | r/ProRevenge u/yellowfin35 2y Join taught leasing agent about her lease hard way. Since are talking about apartments recently living Atlanta ~10 years ago and won 1-year lease at charity auction. My rent 600 month (prepaid market rent 1,500 good deal security deposit only $150 (more on later year is nearly up and sign lease at new place. About month before am ready move out leasing agent apartment complex stops and asks about my
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