inventions housing pods A Man Built Himself a Harry Potter-Style Cupboard to Avoid Paying San Francisco Housing Rates
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San Francisco has a reputation for high priced living.  Peter Berkowitz thought, why rent a room when I can build myself a Harry Potter cupboard to live in and pay much less to set up in someone's dining room? 

It's actually a pretty sweet setup with a cozy bed, a "skylight" for reading and nightlights all around the roof. He pays $400 a month for rent and the cost of the pod itself ended up being $1300, bring his total monthly costs to about $508 for a year according to his website

If you're in the San Francisco area and you would like to live in a professional quality fort that would make kid you super jealous, Berkowitz is available for consultations. He's charging a "very reasonable price" to help anyone who wants to build a pod for themselves and says he's, "I'm more interested in getting good at building pods than in making money at this point".