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The age old sentiment when it rains, it pours just got a massive booze-infused upgrade, cause now it's apparently raining tequila. Yep, what a time to be alive, dudes. Better yet this odd nature-defying situation was not concocted by the mind behind that crazy little flick called 'Cloud With a Chance of Meatballs.'

Nope, in an effort to capitalize on Germans' general well-documented distaste for their consistent rainy weather and love of tequila, the Mexico-based ad agency Lapiz went ahead and started up with vibrating tequila at such high frequencies that it turns to mist, using ultrasonic humidifiers, and then as the mist condensates and reforms as a liquid, it proceeds to fall from the cloud as separate raindrops of sweet-distilled tequila. Ahem, anyone else out there thirsty?