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Hey everyone! Now that I have your attention with Mr. Si Xingsong I have an important announcement to make:

Starting Monday, February 13 the entire Cheezburger network of sites is going to undergo some changes and get a new look. Like a robotic LEGO-constructed photo-realistic butterfly emerging from its TARDIS-toothpick perspective-shot cocoon, we're going to come back looking more beautiful than ever. I can't reveal much yet, but here's a teensy-tiny sneak peek:

Did you get that? The signs of a new font, and rounded edges*! Here's what you need to know about the changes:

1. We're trimming the fat on the share functions you see below each post. If you want to share content on Cheezburger with your friends, you'll be able to add to your Cheezburger profile Favorites, share on Facebook, and add to your personal Cheezburger sites. The other sharing tools will be gone until further notice.

2. Voting in the "Vote" page above will be unchanged, but there will no longer be votes on the front page. We're working on a better and more expressive way to vote on the front page that will be implemented soon. Voting in the "Vote" tab will stay the same, and we still want you to let us know about content that hasn't made the front page. Keep voting and letting us know which WINs deserve to be seen by everybody!

  1. Did I mention this was happening on Monday, February 13? Yes. That is the date.

We hope you enjoy the new look, we can't wait to share it with you all!

*But no seriously there's going to be much more change than that.