Brother Nature FTW building foilage ivy object subject the other wall - 5408199168
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Ahem To pontificate, a little (or WINtificate, if you will):

What I appreciate about works like these is that it calls into question our traditional understanding of the natural and artificial. The lush foliage resting on the side of the building - shooting upward, contrary to our natural horizontal and horizon-oriented understanding of "The Natural" - creates a juxtaposition between created and un-created space. With this we are reminded of the a priori condition of the urban space we have dominated and controlled - and yet also our uncomfortable co-existence with it. The distinction between subject and object called into question, we move along with our day and admire the architecture for what it is.

Also, what's up with the photographer getting that fire escape stairwell in the shot? Totally ruins the mise en scène.