It's springtime for hitler, and Germany, that's it. 


17 Past Proclamations That Aged Like Milk

Everyone's got 20/20 hindsight, but many are blind when it comes to predicting outcomes and sharing takes that stand the test of time. It's not always fun to look into the past, especially when you're the one with the embarrassingly wrong analysis immortalized forever on subs like r/agedlikemilk. For us passive observers on the other hand, this stuff is mad entertaining.

didn't age well, aged like milk, cringe, hindsight, hitler, climate change, spongebob squarepands, bitcoin, technology, twitter, memes, facepalm, fail | Let this magic mineral, ASBESTOS buildings protect on farm! JOHRS HANVILLE Asbestos magic mineral Middle Ages. Today, still magic mineral; fireproof, rot-proof, and practically indestructible. combined with portland cement is manufactured into products which are especially important on farm,because they provide permanent protection against fire
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