Ugliest Tattoos

face tattoos

If you're not Mike freaking Tyson, just don't get a face tattoo. Just don't. To prove our point, check out everyone who ignored our sage wisdom.

Once He Can See Properly Again...

hipster face tattoos - 6654657536
Via listphobia


face tattoos prison tattoos - 6320385536
Via Roberto Da Monsta

Bro Brows

eyebrow tattoos face tattoos - 6320709888
Via Jack Murph

Voted Most Likely to Succeed

face tattoos Hall of Fame mustache smile - 4967353600
Created by Sinn3rman


face tattoos mugshots - 6902936576
Created by Dan Morris

He's Got a Bit of Screw Face

bad tattoos face tattoos funny - 7621293056
Created by Unknown

Mistakes Were Made

scarification face tattoos piercings - 7140730112
Created by Emi_Chan

"I Just Wanna Be Loved"

face tattoos - 6408880128
Created by Jammy

The Self-Loathing is Strong With This One

face tattoos - 6472492288
Via F*** Yeah, Tattoos

Good Idea!

face tattoos - 4967351552
Created by Sinn3rman

If this is a mugshot I can think of a reason or two...

face tattoos - 5686937856
Created by Anna ( Via )

It's a Face, Not a Bathroom Wall

face tattoos - 6290148096
Created by nantucket68

Addicted to B!tches... and Drugs

face tattoos neck tattoos prison tattoos - 6310705408
Via Ratchet Mess

Some Girls

face tattoos - 6881524992
Created by TK

Mistakes? I've Made a Few

face tattoos stars hearts - 6699442432
Via No Way Girl

Man, Overboard

face tattoos - 6684034048
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos
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