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Strangest Things Window Cleaners Witnessed

Someone on AskReddit got a thread going about window cleaners' most memorable experiences on the job. For whatever reason, we have a knack for forgetting that people can peek through our windows if we don't have the blinds down. And on top of that, that certain buildings hire certain professionals to clean those windows. From there, it quickly becomes clear that so many of us can be complete animals when we think that nobody is watching. 

Window cleaners share stories from their time on the job | maytswizzle 5d worked retail and once month window cleaner lady would come and clean store windows. She told one time she cleaning windows inside Apple store and man walks by and licks outside part window she cleaning. She upset since she had already cleaned and would have clean again, but responded by telling man Good thing haven't cleaned side man got upset and went look manager. Reply 2.8k
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