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18 Shamelessly Slutty, Amazing Tacos That Were Born For Taco Tuesday

Literally though. These tacos were born for this glorious day. Get it? 

Well, I'm definitely dual-wielding some uncontrollable drooling and violent stomach growls now, and sh*t, I just had that crazy little thing called a breakfast. But hey, leave it to some slutty tacos to awaken the senses and that mad hunger. The lineup here is absolutely on point, so break out your best imaginary food bib and pretend like you might actually bite into one of these titillating tacos.

And as you are imagining crunching down on these, have a gander at the Terribly Tuesday Puns memes or the funny Tuesday Memes to help you ease on thru the rest of the week. 

taco tuesdays and their beauty of the day
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