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Metallica’s done a lot of brilliant things in their career. They have made or been involved with at least four perfect works of art. Their first three albums and the documentary Some Kind of Monster are cultural touchstones that will be looked to and enjoyed for generations.

They’ve also done some things that have not been so great. In 1999, they led the charge against mp3-sharing platform Napster, which alienated some fans — and got some us kicked off the site, not that we’re holding any grudges. They also released St. Anger, which come on.

Jimmy Fallon loves to play games and have fun. He likes to make politicians wear funny pants and give noogies to a reality gameshow host turned most powerful person on the planet. It’s his thing.

And now there’s this, a video of Metallica performing “Enter Sandman” with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on classroom instruments. Only time will tell if this falls into their works of cultural touchstones or cultural blunders. But honestly, it’ll probably just be a cute thing that makes a lot of people smile for three minutes. Enjoy!


Play along with your very own Glockenspiel musical instrument