Tumblr User Calculates Ash Ketchum's Superhuman Strength

Yay, more Tumblr gems. Here we are again with Tumblr doing what it does best: running the numbers on things we'd never expect to see someone making calculations for. Yes, we're talking about how it turns out that Ash Ketchum's rocking some kind of superhuman strength. Apparently as a 10-year-old, the kid is able to toss a log that weighs over 1,000 pounds. Okay, Ash. I see you. 

Tumblr user calculates Ash Ketchum's insane, superhuman strength | tabbibeard does he even let team rocket steal his pikachu at this point he could break their sternums with his index finger pokemontrainerstorm REGRET EVERY INSULT EVER SAID ABOUT ASH MY LIFE mattysones heard ash ketchum has an 8 pack ash ketchum is shredded
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