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Tumblr Turns Ant Thread Into A Holy War

So it started with a goofy observation on ants getting your attention, and then someone gave it some more thought and re-characterized this whole thing as you taking on the God role in an ant war. A simple story prompt or small idea can spin into a whole thing, like this Tumblr thread about wildlife fighting off an alien invasion or this short story about lies making scars. For short bursts of creative weirdness  here a bunch of Tumblr gems to keep the day moving.

Tumblr thread about being ant god resulting in ant war | cerothenull S quinnred probablybadrpgideas If Cthulhu can be summoned by humans who are so far beneath why can't humans be summoned by ants answer is they should be. 20thcenturyvole Well if bunch ants formed circle my house l'd certainly notice, try figure out where they'd all come and possibly wreak destruction there. | weasowl 's why knowing and correctly pronouncing true name is so important ritual. Imagine impossible would be not go ta
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