Apparently A Huge Portion of Scots Wikipedia Articles Were Written As a Joke

In what has been described as possibly more damage done to the Scots language than by anyone else in history, it turns out tens of thousands of Wikipedia articles supposedly in the Scots language were done by a random kid as a joke. It's wild that anyone would be so committed to this, but also insane that it could go on for so long. What a time to be alive.

Scots language wikipedia prank | dream song 4 @chickenpaprika turns out an American teen who identifies as an "INTP brony" has singlehandedly written almost entirety Scots wikipedia despite not knowing language at all. Scottish redditors suspect he may have done "more damage Scots language than anyone else history Robyn Speer @r_speer 2h Almost every article on Scots Wikipedia is written by one American teenager, who does not speak Scots and is just writing English an accent If have multilingual
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