Tumblr User Gets Schooled on Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal can reduce the effectiveness of certain drugs, so medical professionals advise not taking it if you're on certain heart medications or antidepressants. When one Tumblr user got overzealous touting the effectiveness of natural remedies, some other folks jumped in to clarify the situation. This can happen, like this tumblr user who got schooled on physics and car safety or this person who got schooled on horses. 

Tumblr user gets schooled on activated charcoal | Natural remedies are good. They do work. And shouldn't make fun them. phoenixonwheels Follow know they give activated charcoal dogs and cats if they get into meds or drink coolant or anything else toxic s because binds with meds and carries them out system without them interacting with body. If on meds and drink this bullshit not on meds today, champ may as well have flushed them down toilet. So kiss goodbye blood pressure meds/antidepressants/an
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