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HOA Karen Complains About Guide Dog Training

HOAs are an unfortunate magnet for the Karens of the world. It's a system that seems specifically designed to appoint people to get all up in other people's business. Take this tale of revenge for instance. We have a good old fashioned HOA Karen who pitches a whole fit about guide dog training and grilling. What kind of mean person complains about guide dog training? Fortunately, this dude was able to defeat the nasty HOA Karen by bringing the technicalities into play. 

HOA Karen complains about guide dog training and grilling, and proceeds to get removed from the board | r/ProRevenge u/judis697734• 1d Join 1 2 1 HOA Yells at training guide dog, and grilling. Then loses position on board start story some background need know about volunteer train and raise service dogs. My fiancee says clearly have look says am weak, and push over have constant encounters with karens who are just not ready my responses they engage have been military 17 years this happened and
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