Petty Yet Effective Power Moves Employees Pulled Off

Never underestimate the kinds of petty lengths people will go to in the workplace environment to make their power known, or get back at a particularly insufferable coworker. Everyone has their breaking point, and sometimes when you arrive at yours, you decide to redirect all that pent up rage back out into the world in the form of an extra spicy petty revenge. This collection of petty power moves are as impressive as they are just terribly petty. 

People describe their petty yet effective power moves pulled off in the workplace | r/AskMen u/plagueisthedumb 5d Join is most petty but effective power move have done? Good Fucking Question new senior supervisor started at our workplace few months ago and would be working under him as particular zones supervisor 30 so l'm out ordinary supervisor age and looks etc normally its an old boy thats been industry forever see new dude car park and go introduce myself. He looks eye as he's walking
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