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Shameless Liars That Got Outed For Their Lies

Man, oh man, these liars just keep coming out of the woodwork with their latest string of unbelievable nonsense. It's a wonder that they think someone else out there in the online world won't take the time to check them on their blatant work of fiction. Maybe they're just telling such ridiculously dumb lies to get more attention directed back toward them. Who knows? It certainly is satisfying seeing these liars get called out. 

A collection of times that liars got called out online for telling lies | My 13 year old daughter wants buy her brand new MacBook Pro high school next year. She said 's required, but can't afford one should do? 1985-present) Answered May 7 Ahhhh Kevin still posting questions but not answering any notice Folks save time, meet Kevin Mok he has following 16 year old daughter 13 year old son 3 year old with an iPad three kids (aged 4, 6, and 9 30 year old son 16 year old son wonder if they're twins
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