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Twitter Thread: 1919 Anti-Mask Protests During Spanish Flu

Journalist Tim Mak explains the time San Francisco residents got tired of wearing masks in 1919 and decided to hold huge maskless events during the outbreak of the Spanish Flu. What a relatable public health themed nightmare.

Twitter thread on anti-mask league during San Francisco's 1919 Spanish Flu | Tim Mak @timkmak THREAD History doesn't repeat itself, but rhymes thread about Anti-Mask League 1919 not kiddingI went HAM researching this So, starting Sept 2018 San Francisco suffered Spanish Flu pandemic. Initial mask wearing good around 80 percent 2:10 PM Apr 19, 2020 Twitter Web App 3.9K Retweets 6.2K Likes Tim Mak O @timkmak 3h Replying timkmak By November cases were down, and public health officials recommended
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