Metric Mistake Has Wife Buying Over a Hundred Pounds of Bird Seed

For all the Americans, metric conversion can be a challenge. Honestly its better when it happens at times like this rather than something like miscalibrated airplane parts. Still, sacks on sacks of 12.5 Kilos of bird seed is a whole lot of bird seed. We all make mistakes. Here are some of people's dumbest purchases.

Guys wife does error converting to metric and buys hundreds of pounds of bird seed | O r/tifu Posted by u/EdgarTFriendly 6 hours ago TIFU by getting my wife buy bird seed So spent last 20 minutes hypervnetlating with laughter and promised my wife wouldn't tell anyone know because she's bit humiliated so this is my way getting off my chest. Since lockdown, my wife and have found new appreciation garden isn't big isnt prett but 's way get outside and, given cabin fever experienced, this is nice fo
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