Tumblr Thread: The Origin Story Of NORAD's Santa Tracker

Sometimes an innocent little fail like a typo can go on to inspire an epic, time-honored tradition like rabidly checking the NORAD Santa Tracker. This Tumblr thread breaks down how a small typo in a Sears ad resulted in the North American Aerospace Defense Command having a special phone. So many kids' childhoods have been all the better for it. Gotta keep that Christmas spirit alive while you can. Check out some more random gold from Tumblr with this post about the time that an Ultima Online gamer nuked their fellow players right out of orbit

A Tumblr thread breaks down the origins of NORAD's infamous Santa tracker. | voroxpete But none these stories even come close best one them all wrong number is NORAD Santa Tracker got started. Seriously, this is legit December 1955, Sears decided run Santa hotline. Here's ad they posted.
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